How to Use Cascade Powder Dish Detergent

Clean dishwasher utensils and cutlery after dish cycle

Wondering how much Cascade powder to use in your dishwasher?

Always refer to Cascade product packaging labels to understand how much Cascade powder to use for your machine. When in doubt, refer to your automatic dishwasher’s owner manual.

Why isn’t my powder detergent dissolving?

Undissolved powder dish detergent can be caused by your dishwasher’s detergent chamber being blocked by something like a large or overhanging utensil or dish. Before adding detergent, check to make sure the chamber isn’t wet, as this can also prevent powdered detergent from dissolving completely. Lastly, you’ll want to perform routine maintenance on your machine to keep it running efficiently.

Ready for even more cleaning power? Consider trying Cascade ActionPacs™. Our dishwasher detergent pacs are designed to dissolve quickly from a unit-dose right from the start of the wash cycle. For more tips about how to use your dishwasher and how to use Cascade products, use our dishwashing guide.

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