How to Save Energy While Using the Dishwasher

Hand choosing normal wash cycle on dishwasher

Many people are still under the misconception that automatic dishwashers waste water and energy, and that washing dishes by hand is more environmentally friendly. Spoiler alert: That's actually not true. Dishwashers don't just save more water compared to washing by hand, they can also be energy-efficient when used properly. If you’re searching for a balance of cleaner dishes while being environmentally friendly, you might need to take a closer look at your dishwasher.

Use an Energy Saving Dishwasher

Today's ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers contain advanced technology that gets dishes clean using less water and energy. Each of these certified dishwashers saves water at an average of 3,870 gallons during its lifetime. Plus, they need less energy than older models, which helps users save on their utility consumption.1

New ENERGY STAR certified models utilize several innovations that reduce energy and water use and improve performance:

  • Soil sensors test how dirty the dishes are and adjust performance to achieve optimum cleaning while conserving water and minimizing energy use.
  • Improved water filtration systems remove food soils from the wash water, which promotes more efficient usage of detergent and water throughout the cycle.
  • More efficient jets use less energy to spray detergent and water over the dishes.
  • Innovative dish rack designs maximize cleaning through strategic dish placement.2

Maximize Dishwasher Efficiency with Cascade

Cascade Platinum Plus ActionPacs™ are formulated to help reduce your dishwasher energy usage. Each dishwasher pod has the power to clean baked-on, burnt-on messes in just one wash, so you never have to rewash anything to get dazzling dishes. And you get these great results without pre-rinsing or pre-washing, which saves water too! It’s just one powerful part of our commitment to sustainable dishwashing.

So, if you’ve doubted dishwashers, believing they wasting water and energy, it's time to feel good about using a machine to clean. Looking to save energy and get your dishes quicker? Check out our guide to using your dishwasher’s quick wash setting.


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