Choosing quick wash setting on dishwasher to save water and time

Need Clean Dishes in a Hurry?
It’s Possible with Quick Wash.

If you’re like most people, you probably just set your dishwasher to the same cycle every wash. It’s OK, we all do it. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why your washer even has those other cycles? While different manufacturers give their cycles different names, we can help you get to know them, including one that can get you cleaner dishes, fast.

Demystifying Your Dishwasher Cycles

Quick Wash

Uses your dishwasher’s full power to get lightly soiled dishes clean in about half the time. Depending on your dishwasher, a Quick Wash cycle can take anywhere from 20 minutes, to about an hour.

Auto/Sensor/Smart Wash

Many newer washers have these types of cycles, programmed to sense soil level and choose the cycle needed.

Heavy/Pots and Pans

Used for your harder-to-clean pots, pans, and casserole dishes.


This is the cycle most people use, good for everyday use.

Eco/Energy Saver

Saves water and energy.


For your more fragile dishes.

Now for a Quick Suggestion

Every dishwasher manufactured after 2013 has a Quick Wash type of setting. It may not be called Quick Wash. It could be Fast, Express, Rapid, Turbo, Light, or something else.

But if you use Quick Wash, will your dishes get fully clean? They will if you use the right detergent. Cascade Platinum Plus now has 50%* more cleaning power. So it powers away the toughest messes, even on your shortest cycle.

Stop the Cycle of Prewashing

In the habit of rinsing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? Good news. With Cascade Platinum Plus, no prewash is necessary, letting you save time, money, and energy. And for the ultimate clean and dry every time, check out the entire regimen of Cascade Platinum, Power Dry Rinse Aid, and Dishwasher Cleaner.

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