The Smarter Clean of Free & Clear

The Smarter Clean of Free & Clear

No bleach. No dye.* Only Cascade clean.

Everyone knows you can’t beat a Cascade clean, but did you know you can get a great Cascade clean without chlorine bleach, dyes or phosphates? That’s because Cascade Free & Clear is designed to power away 24-hour stuck-on food while delivering that signature Cascade clean your family wants. When we set out to make Free & Clear dishwasher detergent, we knew it had to contain only what was necessary, and be free from everything else. That’s why there’s no chlorine bleach, no dyes* and absolutely no phosphates. Just a light citrus scent. So, go ahead and clean your dishes with confidence and take Cascade Free & Clear for a spin – in your dishwasher.

* Dye Free Gel Detergent and Dye Free Liquid Top ActionPacs™

Free & Clear: Zero Manufacturing Waste.

We also knew that we needed to make a sustainable dish detergent that your family could feel good about and isn’t harmful to the environment. At Cascade, we take sustainability seriously. We’re proud to claim that zero manufacturing waste is added to landfills in our ecofriendly manufacturing efforts of Cascade Free & Clear. Cleaner dishes have never been so eco-friendly.

Perfume Infused with Essential Oils.

Cascade Free & Clear ActionPacs™ don’t just get your dishes squeaky clean. Free & Clear contains perfume infused with essential oils, providing a light and botanical, yet fragrant citrus scent you’ll experience each time you open your dishwasher after a cycle. Your dishwasher will smell amazing, while your dishes still get that signature Cascade clean. Now that’s a win-win situation! Available in Orange Blossom and Lemon Essence. Also available in Unscented Gel.

Free & Clear is Cascade’s Only Dye-Free ActionPac and Gel.

When we set out to make Free & Clear dishwasher detergent, we knew it had to contain only what was necessary, and be free from everything else. That’s why you won’t find any dyes in our New Free & Clear Gels and we have a dye-free liquid top in our ActionPacs™.

No Phosphates or Chlorine Bleach.

One of the best things about Cascade Free & Clear is what we’ve decided to leave out. Cascade Free & Clear doesn’t rely on phosphates or chlorine bleach to get your dishes clean. And it doesn’t have any dye, either. Just thoughtfully selected ingredients to deliver the Cascade clean you’ve come to rely on. No chlorine bleach, no phosphates, and no dyes* mean no harmful residues for your family. Just a clean you can feel good about.

* Dye Free Gel and Dye Free Liquid Top ActionPacs™

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