Tips for Washing Glassware in the Dishwasher

Top rack of dishwasher with spotless wine glasses

Your unique glassware deserves a unique cleaning solution. Protect your glassware and help keep it looking like new with the easy dishwashing tips below (which are part of our advice for getting dazzling dishes).

Trust Cascade for Your Glassware Care

This isn't our first cycle through a dishwasher—we know how to clean a cloudy glass. Cascade is formulated with water-softening agents that help prevent filmy buildup and water spots. But if that doesn’t work and your glasses still look cloudy, you could have hard water.

The Easy Fix for Hard Water

So, your dishwasher is leaving a filmy residue on your glassware—some dishwasher, right? But don't get down on your dishwasher, because you both might be fighting hard water. Instead of cleaning cloudy glasses after it’s too late, use a rinse aid to help prevent spotting in the first place. Cascade Power Dry Rinse Aid is formulated to prevent water from clinging to glasses and dishes—helping your dishwasher turn that residue into resi-don't.

Properly Loading the Dishwasher

Take the time to carefully load your dishwasher—it affects the quality of the cleaning and can minimize potential damage. Fragile items like glasses should typically be reserved for the top rack of any dishwasher. This keeps them away from the powerful sprayer on the bottom of the machine. If possible, angle cups and glasses on the top rack to prevent water from collecting after the wash cycle is complete. And to help ensure your glasses come out looking great, try stacking them between the top rack’s tines, not over them—otherwise wet contact points could result in spots when they dry.

How to Clean Wine Glasses

The glamorous dinner party has come to an end, and all of your guests are safely on their way home. Your beloved pulls you close, glowing from a perfect evening, and whispers softly, “Can you put wine glasses in the dishwasher?” You absolutely can! Let’s pop another cork to celebrate! With wine glasses and other delicate items, you just want to try stacking them a finger-width apart so they don’t touch each other during the wash cycle—just like with your everyday glassware, this prevents contact that can leave spots. Whether you prefer merlot or pinot noir, your dishwasher can help remove stains and markings from your favorite wine glasses, so you’re ready for a glass of white next time. Not sure if appetizers and drinks are worthy of running the dishwasher? Dishwashers save water compared to handwashing – besides, you did a great job hosting. Let Cascade and your dishwasher help with clean-up.

How to Clean Crystal Glasses

If your crystal glasses have a dishwasher-safe label (for more on that, check out this article of dishwasher safety) treat them similarly to wine glasses: don’t overcrowd them to avoid cracking or water spots. If your crystal glasses get cloudy, put them in a bowl of white vinegar for five minutes, or wipe the inside of the glass with a baking powder and water mix, then rinse clean.

How to Clean Glass Baking Dishes

Cascade and your dishwasher can get even the toughest baking dishes clean. Bring on that baked-on lasagna! Just make sure you load your glass baking dish on the bottom rack of your dishwasher, either along the side or the back of the rack, and angle it down to ensure better cleaning and drainage.

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