How to Prevent Spotty Glasses in the Dishwasher

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They're not clean if they're cloudy. Water spots are a common problem on plastics, dishes, silverware, and most obviously, glasses. But a dishwasher leaving spots on your glasses is falling short in its duty to, you know, wash dishes. Instead of re-washing glasses for another thousand cycles and settling for a dishwasher leaving residue, you can stop water spots on dishes from appearing in the first place.

1. Are Filmy Glasses Forever?

Wash the glass with warm water and Dawn® dish soap. If the spot comes off, it’s probably caused by the minerals in hard water where you live. When hard water forms into droplets during your dishwasher's drying stage, it evaporates on your dishes and leaves behind the minerals as spots.

Cloudy clear glass bowl and drinking glass

2. See Any White Cloudiness on Dishes?

A white film left on dishes is another sign of hard water. You could try loading your glasses a certain way to at least reduce how much hard water pools and clings.

3. Use Cascade Platinum Power Dry Rinse Aid

A premium rinse aid will prevent hard water spotting. The sheeting action of Cascade Platinum Power Dry Rinse Aid helps keep water from clinging to your dishes so the drops don't hang around and leave residue. Your glasses come out cleaner and dry faster with a shine virtually free of spots and streaks.

Pouring liquid Cascade drying agent before running dishwasher

We hope that gives you some real clarity on fixing the problem of spotty glasses. And if you want to see solutions for a menagerie of other dish issues, take a look at our helpful dishwashing guide.

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